Wild Horses and the Playground Rodeo



There are two sayings that fit this blog – the first is ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’ and the second is ‘you can take a horse to water…’.

But what happens when the whole of your village has tried, repeatedly, over a number of years to help raise a child but has become exhausted from offering second chances, being verbally abused and lied to?

Our village has asked for the support of surrounding villages and their learned elders or horse whisperers, however, due to our on-going involvement with said elders previously, we have been employing many of their sacred ways with our children already. These elders come to our village for an hour ‘each’ week and observe or meet with children and then leave as quickly as they came in a cloud of dust leaving us to wrangle once more with the mustang.


Now, it should…

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