Why my article on metacognition and self-regulation won’t make an Impact

Filling the pail

Impact is the trade magazine of England’s Chartered College of Teaching. The Chartered College has had a bumpy ride so far. Despite the failure of its initial crowd-funding campaign, it was rescued by the injection of a massive five million pounds by the British government, currently controlled by The Conservatives. This has, amongst other things, allowed the College to launch Impact.

There has been a lot of criticism of the College since its inception. While teachers generally favour the establishment of a grassroots, teacher-led movement to represent them and their views, there have been questions as to whether the College is any of these things. Associate members, for instance, don’t have to be actual teachers. And teachers always fear that their institutions will be captured by the same old educational establishment that has captured all the other education bureaucracies and that has a habit of foisting performative gimmicks on…

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