How To Set Up A Centralised Detention System

A Chemical Orthodoxy

At the beginning of this school year our faculty instituted a centralised detention system (CDS). Once it is set up, it’s a very simple system to run and a few people have asked me how we set it up so I thought I would write the below in case anyone would find it useful.

1. Get people on board

There is no point setting up a CDS unless people want it. You don’t want to set up a CDS and then have no one in your faculty use it.

They are also more effective the more staff involved. Obviously best would be whole-school but if you have to suffice with less it will still be effective.

Some people don’t believe that CDSs are a good thing so you can always direct them to some reading here from Tom Bennett or here from Rosalind Walker.

2. What management information system do you use?


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