My Least Favourite Student, Business English, & Textbooks

The Grumpy Teacher

On a Wednesday I have three classes. First I see an interesting group of four who work in the same company: three young men in their early-to-mid twenties and their senior colleague in his mid-to-late fifties. Then I go into a bank for a one-to-one session with a banker, and after that I have a group of apprentices.

The first and the third sessions are lots of fun. The second, on the other hand, is by some way my least favourite appointment of the week.

Why is this?

Well. My student is a senior employee of the bank, three years away from retirement. She’s doing English because the bank will pay, and because she’d rather spend an hour and a half with me than doing any work.

She refuses to use the official language-school-issue textbook. She refuses to do any homework. She refuses to do any reading or writing. (I…

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