If we wait long enough, they might become self-aware

Filling the pail

The Washington Post have published a piece by Ted Dintersmith, a venture capitalist who has visited schools across America in order to write a book.

There are valid criticisms to make about the American education system and its accountability regime, but Dintersmith largely avoids these in favour of rolling out progressivist tropes with a twist of jobs-that-don’t-exist-yet. As ever, it is presented as if Dintersmith has come up with these ideas himself, rather than having borrowed them from a centuries-old tradition.

Immediately after he talks about the hollowing out of jobs due to technology, he claims to have no axe to grind and no bias to uphold. He then goes on to favour, without much in the way of explanation, hands-on learning and project work and he criticises curricula for having too much content and tests for assessing low-level procedures (I’m imagining things like adding two two-digit numbers…

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