By *not* having a national baseline test, we are neglecting the needs of the most disadvantaged children

The Quirky Teacher

Yet another baseline-bashing article appears in mainstream media and I wonder whether I’m the only person despairing over (what looks like) naivety of all these high-profile academics, consultants and experts. It’s as if they don’t have a handle on the reality of what children really need to have in place in order to access the wonders of a knowledge-rich curriculum, or even just have a happy life that includes being able to communicate (and play!) with all sorts of people – is it because most people who work in the early primary years tend not to have had experience with KS2, KS3 or beyond? Do they just see little children in a bubble of childhood, completely separate from the teenagers and then responsible adults that they will become?

I believe the government, policy makers and indeed everyone in this country has a right to know about the state of early…

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