Where are all these ‘smashing’ teachers?

The Quirky Teacher

Apparently, plans are afoot for some kind of destructive industrial action that aims to get rid of KS1, KS2 and baseline tests in primary schools. Who are all these teachers planning to ruin opportunities for objective testing? Further, what kind of planet are they living on if they think tests = systematic abuse of children? For clarity, I had to double check the meaning of child abuse, and find nothing about a few tests. I guess, at a push, you could say that testing is tantamount to ’emotional abuse’ as described by the NSPCC, but it’s certainly not deliberate (which is a key feature of emotional abuse). I would suggest that if there are any teachers who are using testing in a way to emotionally abuse a child, perhaps by causing them to worry by making too much of a deal out of them, should be removed from the…

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