The influence of Michaela

Bunsen Blue

I started teaching at Michaela Community School in September 2017. Learning about, applying to and joining Michaela has permanently transformed my view of education forever. Learning about Michaela has been like constantly learning new threshold concepts: my view of the world dramatically changes with each new embedded idea, and I acquire a new lens with which to reflect upon my previous practices.

At Michaela, we have firmly held beliefs about education, pupils and values. When I say ‘we’, I truly do intend to use the all-encompassing pronoun for all the teachers at our school; yes – Michaela is rare insofar that all teachers agree on the philosophy which underpins decision-making. This should not be conflated with conformity and with being an ‘echo-chamber’; debate, discussion and challenging each other’s views are all integral parts of our structure (e.g. through our weekly CPD) and culture (e.g. through our culture of candour, open-door…

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