The dilemma

Filling the pail

The scene is a school office. Julia, the principal, is meeting with James, a legal adviser and Peter, a behaviour consultant. They are discussing what to do about a student, Shaun, who has sworn at a teacher and threatened to kill her.

Julia: OK. So I want to go over our options here. I just want to get this right. It’s critical.

James: Sure.

Peter: Of course.

Julia: Firstly – and I’m not saying we want to – but I need to know if we can exclude Shaun.

Peter: Well he does have a disability.

Julia: Does he? I didn’t see one on his file. I’m not aware of one.

Peter: Well he must do, mustn’t he? I mean, otherwise he wouldn’t have called Christy that horrible word and threatened her. It might be undiagnosed but there’s probably enough to diagnose him, particularly if it’s part of a pattern.


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