Assessment for discovery learning

Filling the pail

I use formative assessment, also known as ‘assessment for learning’, on a daily basis. I read the faces of my students for signs of confusion. I ask them verbal questions and I pose problems for them to complete on mini-whiteboards. We have regular questions-of-the week that are distributed over time so that they assess content from weeks or months previously and students self-assess their answers which I then collect and analyse. I don’t deploy every tactic in the formative assessment toolbox but I think the ones that I use make me better at my job.

Formative assessment sits in an interesting place in the educational landscape. I think that Dylan Wiliam, the world’s foremost expert on formative assessment, would claim that it is neutral on questions such as inquiry learning versus direct instruction, and that adding formative assessment will improve both sets of practices. So I always find it slightly…

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