Work Scrutinies Don’t Work


I had the good fortune this week of being involved in an eye opening work scrutiny that really made me question the validity and purpose of such a practice.

My lightbulb moment occurred as I was looking through a particular colleague’s English books. Inside said books I witnessed some fantastic teaching that was undoubtedly built on some fantastic feedback. However, the problem was that there was no evidence of any marking or feedback in the actual books.

Now marking and feedback are two very separate entities, as outlined by Michael Tidd
Here. Previously, marking was an arduous and laborious task that mostly involved teachers sitting for hours on end writing in students’ books with a plethora of multi-coloured pens and then setting a range of differentiated follow-up tasks, whilst also scribbling a series of grades and numbers on a page that were largely meaningless, but frustratingly the only thing students…

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