Why are teachers invisible?

Filling the pail

I was genuinely surprised when I realised that a debate organised by the Institute of Education in London (IoE), about the use of evidence-based methods by teachers, had not a single practising teacher on the panel. Yet shortly after posting my thoughts, someone pointed out to me that the IoE is organising a whole series of such debates and there are hardly any teachers involved in any of them.

I find this outrageous. And yet I suspect you think I’m a little eccentric for finding this outrageous. We have all been conditioned into accepting that others speak on our behalf; that this is normal. And yet it is at odds with other professions.

I don’t have an issue with anyone talking about education. I don’t want to silence academics, heads of quangos or think-tank wonks. And I certainly don’t want to push politicians out of the discussion because they, at…

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