Too many problems, not enough collective vision

The Quirky Teacher

This is a difficult post to write because I can see no way out of this situation. This morning, I read this article and thought ‘Wow! China’s got one heck of a proactive plan there!’ and then, naturally, I looked at my own situation and each layer of organisation around me all the way to ‘national picture of education’ and all I could see were barriers, problems, sunk costs and squandered resources. Why is this? My interpretation is to do with the fundamental difference between Western and Eastern culture:

  • In the East, it is the individual’s responsibility to think about and promote the collective success of his society
  • In the West, it is ‘society’s’ responsibility to take care of and ensure the ‘success’ of the individual

As a result of the above, Westerners are mostly thinking about themselves, offloading their problems onto a faceless blob called ‘public services’. Whereas in…

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