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I’m not as clever as I think I am.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m pretty clever.  On a scale of one to clever I’m edging my way away from one, but slowly.  Nowhere has this been more apparent than in my first forays towards being an ‘evidence based’ practitioner.  Trying to explain the flaws in a system of rewarding poorly behaved students with pizza for marginal improvements in their behaviour by discussing extrinsic and intrinsic motivation has been met with blank and slightly annoyed stares.  I’ve realised telling my department to ‘Do some interleaving’ with only a cursory definition of interleaving doesn’t lead to effective practice.  And I may have used Cognitive Load Theory as an excuse for why my PowerPoints are never as pretty as everyone else’s (we wouldn’t want them overloaded).

At times, I’m probably guilty of doing too much at once.  It’s hard not to…

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