Orderly classrooms benefit the most disadvantaged children

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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have released a working paper that draws on test and survey data from the Programme for International Student Development (PISA). It makes interesting reading for those of us who are concerned about the prospects of the most disadvantaged students.

The authors define a group known as ‘academically resilient’ students. These students have demonstrated an understanding of English, Maths and Science that is sufficient, in the view of the OECD, to enable them to actively participate in their communities and take part in lifelong learning. The working paper then focuses on the proportion of academically resilient students among students from a disadvantaged background.

Some countries, such as Germany, have increased the proportion of such students since 2006, partly by increasing overall PISA performance. Other countries, such as Australia, have seen a decline.

Interestingly, the authors of the paper note a school level effect…

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