D. Wiliam, Leadership for Teacher Learning


As Dylan Wiliam points out early on in this book, there are two ways to improve the quality of the teaching profession.  Firstly, through being more choosy about who you recruit and secondly, by providing additional training for those already in the profession.  Wiliam is in favour of prioritising the second, whilst stressing that we need to make absolutely sure that the additional training has proven efficacy, so that it can genuinely change for the better what teachers do in the classroom.  The key thing Wiliam wants teachers to focus on is, of course, formative assessment, and chapter 4 of his book has lots of detail on the hows and whys of this.  But, once we are on board with formative assessment, what do we need to do to help teachers improve?

Before we design any training programme we need to be clear about what we want teachers to get…

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