The Surprising Up Side of Feeling Down

The Emotional Learner

Let’s be honest, sometimes there is nothing worse than feeling down and having to be around happy people, especially if those people insist on telling us to ‘cheer up’ or (god forbid) to ‘turn that frown upside-down’ (and please don’t tell me how many muscles it takes to frown).

But is there any benefit to those unhappy moods? Well, despite many claims that happy people are more productive, there appears to be just as much evidence to the contrary. Here are four reasons why you should embrace your down days.

1. Happy People Are Lazy Thinkers.

Happy people tend to rely on superficial strategies in order to make sense of the world and are more likely to employ stereotypes than their unhappy counterparts.

Christian Unkelbach conducted an experiment using a ‘shoot ’em up’ computer game where participants were told to shoot characters carrying guns. The interesting part of the experiment…

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