Vocabulary: My new approach.

A better song to sing

A few years ago I played football with a very handsome young man, he was an actor and a model. On the surface his life was very simple, it basically involved being paid for being himself. He rarely got acting jobs where he was asked to do anything other than be himself, and his modelling relied on his looks and his natural athleticism. One day he was asked to attend an audition for a national soap opera; he couldn’t believe his luck. They’d head hunted him and they’d created a role for him. He couldn’t lose, or so he thought. Dressed in an expensive brand of clothing comping he’d recently modeled for he strode into the audition. It started out simple enough, “Dave (not his real name), we need to run you through a couple of bits to see how you take direction” -this, I’m reassured is fairly standard audition…

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