80/20 Principle for GCSE Literature exams.

A better song to sing

In November of last year I sat down with Chris Runeckles to discuss some success I had with my Year Eleven students. During the discussion we found that one of the key things I had done was to select the perfect elements for students to learn, and then repeat those elements again and again. I thought the students would hate it, but they’d appreciate it was necessary.

The basic principle I’d applied was that 20% of a thing often provides  80% of the results, therefore identifying  this 20% and focusing your energies there is obviously the most important use of everyone’s time. The difficulty comes in identifying the 20% and it is in fact a risky business. Get it wrong and students are armed with less than they require. However, get it right and your charges are armed with the most vital knowledge and plenty of time to elaborate on…

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