Fake Headteacher: Pupil letter to teacher – Newsletter No.16

Fake Headteacher

Dear Staff,

Thank you so much for all of your hard work this term.

A letter was anonymously left on my desk this week. It is from a pupil who is very concerned about the teachers. I doubt for one minute the content is accurate as the pupils and staff at school are very happy. If you find out who may have spread this nonsense, please let me know immediately and an investigation will be initiated.

Dear Teachers,

Why are you so tired?

Your body language suggests you are fed up. It’s almost like you have to work extra hours each week without pay. But your job should be so rewarding. I don’t understand. It must be easy for you to manage your workload. It’s not as though you have to jump through a ridiculous set of hoops to prove your impact. Or do you?

Let me give you some…

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