Finding or advertising a teaching job on Twitter with #teachingvacancyuk

Scenes From The Battleground

I have got two of my last three positions by asking on Twitter if anyone wants a traditionalist maths teacher. This hasn’t always worked, but if you have enough followers it might. Generally, however, Twitter is not great for finding employment because while people do tweet adverts or tweet that they are available for work, the tweets are unlikely to be seen by those they want to see them.

What we need is a shared format that can be used by those advertising positions, that can then be easily searched by those looking for positions. I’ve been experimenting with this for a bit and I thought it was time to get this going properly. Some words of warning first.

  1. This idea will only work if a large number of people use it. This means that if it doesn’t work the first time people try it, then people give up, it…

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