How to Disagree with your School

Curriculum Team Leader

I’ve written a version of this at various times and tinged with varying degrees of bitter resentment. I’ve written, and not published, rants about my school, believing people don’t really want to read these, but I can’t escape the fact that I find myself in a situation where my philosophy grates with that of my school, where my knowledge and reading meets the brick wall of ‘how things have always been done’. Sounds arrogant, doesn’t it? It probably is but to illustrate this disagreement for you I’ll list some specifics.

– Graded lesson obs.

– Target grades on books (called potential grades, ironically in the name of high expectations).

– The expectation that all marked work is graded (7-11).

– Booklet-long lists of inane non-negotiables in the name of consistency with the aim of having something to berate staff for when not everything is done right.

– Meetings which describe…

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