Are you a British teacher who would like to work in Australia?

Filling the pail

Australia is great. The main thing that hit me when I moved here was the sense of space. I live in Ballarat in country Victoria where mountains and forests and the beach are all a short drive away. Often, the roads are dead straight so that you can literally see for miles ahead and miles behind in the rear-view mirror. And yet you might not see another car.

What else is there to love? The coffee is great. The people are generally positive, friendly and helpful. Where I live, the housing is affordable. And you always have a summer. Culturally, Australia is similar to the U.K. but there is cultural richness due to the indigenous population as well as immigration from across the globe.

If you’re a teacher who is thinking of making the move then let me try to answer a few questions that I am often asked.


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