Things I was led to believe in my early years of teaching that I have come to question

Some thoughts concerning...

As each year passes, I feel happier and more confident as a teacher. In part, I believe that this is because I have the confidence to teach in a way that I consider to be effective. I have come to question many of things I was led to believe during my first few years in teaching. Below is a list of things that I was led to believe which I now consider to be dubious, along with some brief thoughts:

  1. Pupils learn best through discussion in small groups. I am not against discussion; I think it is very useful for helping pupils to work through their understanding and reinforce what they have learned. My gripe is with the assumption that this then means that pupils should primarily work in groups of 4-6. I would contend that the most fruitful discussions in lessons are whole-class discussions that are directed by the…

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