Ofsted should own its mistakes

Filling the pail

I woke up this morning to find my twitter timeline flooded with comments about Ofsted, the English schools’ inspectorate.

Having worked for 13 years in English schools, I went through a number of Ofsted inspections. Some I felt were fair and others less so. For those who don’t work in the system, it can be hard to overstate the effort that schools expend on ensuring a good Ofsted report.

There are two main issues that people are discussing at the moment:

1. Ofsted have abandoned grading individual lesson observations and yet some schools still do this

Ofsted abandoned grading lesson observations for a very good reason. The best evidence we have suggests that such grades are invalid and unreliable. The MET project, conducted in the U.S. by the Gates Foundation, did manage to reach mediocre levels of validity and reliability but this involved observers watching videos rather than being in…

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