Just Teach!!


Featured Image: USC Rossier School of Education 

Just Teach?

What do I mean?  On my travels I see a lot of lessons where I find myself wanting to say this to the teacher.  Sometimes Just Teach! is the essence of my feedback.

It has two meanings.

1. Keep it Simple:

Just Teach means that you teach students something they don’t know – or don’t know how to do – and then check they know it/can do it.   That might sound ridiculously rudimentary but it’s amazing how far from that basic idea some lessons can meander.

Sometimes, it is not clear what students are meant to be learning; what they should know or be able to do as a result of the lesson. Very often, all kinds of convoluted activities get in the way – excessive worksheets or fussy information transfer activities or busy activities with vague learning objectives.

Sometimes there’s just not…

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