The problem with 21st century problems

Teaching it Real

ua Gazing into the future I really love the Teacher Tapp App. Every day at 3:30 they set 3 questions to gather the opinions, views and experiences of teachers. You can see the results that were gathered the previous day and then you get a link to an interesting blog post or article. What makes TeacherTapp stand out from other polls is that they can look for correlation between different responses people have given over time. The results are always fascinating; sometimes they are what I might expect (the higher up the career ladder you climb, the more you think those at the top should be paid), and sometimes they take me by surprise. Like this one.


It would appear that 54% of people in education believe that:

  • there are such things as “21st century skills”,
  • that these skills include “collaborative problem solving” and “creativity”,
  • schools aren’t currently teaching…

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