Letting the side down

Filling the pail

I was struck by a recent interview with Katherine Birbalsingh on BBC Radio 4.

Birbalsingh drew attention by making a speech at the 2010 Conservative Party conference in the U.K. in which she talked about the poor state of the British education system. After losing her job and a few years spent in the wilderness, she set up Michaela Community School, a Free School in West London that takes a ‘no excuses’ approach to discipline and uses teacher-led instruction in order to deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum.

I expected that I would learn some of the history of how the school was set-up. I did. However, I didn’t expect to learn about race relations. I have attempted to transcribe the key part of the interview. I am not an expert at transcription so apologies for any errors:

“It took us three years in the end to open and that was mainly…

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