Resisting the pull of the generic: knowledge, specificity and teaching

Clio et cetera

This is a talk I gave to new trainees on the Future Academies SCITT in July 2017.

It is a real pleasure to be invited to speak here today at Pimlico to a new cohort of teachers. I have been briefed with talking to you today about ‘knowledge-based pedagogy’, and it is my intention to get to a point where I talk to you about teaching methods and their association with a knowledge-rich curriculum.

But, for reasons that I hope will become clear as I go on, I want to reach that point by a rather circuitous route, taking in ‘why we teach’ and ‘what we teach’ before I get to ‘how we teach’. I have outlined on your handout the basic argument of this talk.

Throughout, I’m going to be arguing that, as teachers, we are constantly pulled towards the generic, away from the specificity of what we…

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