Student Assessment of Learning in the Classroom

The Effortful Educator

In my AP Psychology classroom, most of my students are great at memorizing facts and regurgitating them on quizzes/tests.  I spend a considerable amount of time introducing learning strategies to my students and incorporating them into their studying/practicing habits.  I discuss this further here and here.  Under the umbrella of discussing learning strategies with my students falls the topic of assessment of learning.  Most of my students are ill-equipped at understanding what they know and what they don’t know.  I’ve found most of my students believe if they’ve heard the information, they know it or it has been committed to their long-term memory.  While this may be true for some students and certain information, a great portion of the material presented will be forgotten.  That isn’t really an unusual occurrence and is to be expected.  What is detrimental to my students is their overconfidence or incorrect beliefs of…

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