Education needs its non-conformists

Filling the pail

In a few weeks time, I will be voting in a ridiculous postal opinion poll that has been imposed on Australians by a weak government. I will be voting because I believe that marriage is a wonderful institution and one that should not be denied to same-sex couples. This is my personal view and I respect those who may disagree.

I don’t normally discuss views that are unrelated to education because I try to keep this blog focused. However, I am doing so in order to make a point that I think is important.

The field of education – its bureaucracies and academic institutions – is dominated by a mono-culture. This mono-culture likes to tell itself that it is liberal, enlightened and left-wing. I don’t agree that this is the case. Some of the dogmas that it adheres to actively harm the most vulnerable in society and therefore have little in…

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