Practising Declarative Knowledge

A Chemical Orthodoxy

This is not a particularly exciting post, but I think it’s an important one (and it’ll probably be my last for a while). A lot of people online have been trying to build science resources featuring SLOP: Shed Loads of Practice. You can find mine here and I have a section about the importance of practice here. I also recommend Willingham on the virtues of practice/drill.

Sometimes it’s really easy to write SLOP work. When it comes to balancing equations or working out rates of reaction from a graph it’s pretty straightforward to write lots of questions (despite the fact that modern textbooks seem incapable of doing so). Generally we would call the type of knowledge practised here procedural knowledge: an individual’s ability to identify and apply a procedure e.g. how to balance an equation.

However, there is lots of knowledge that isn’t like this. For example, the…

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