Knowledge Organisation the real.

There was all kinds of fuss and frustration expressed by individuals earlier in the year, when several teachers started extolling the virtues of Knowledge Organisers.

A quick Google for this will reveal several examples of these on Google Images.

Most of the criticism was asinine, in some cases seeming to go out of its way to be obtuse.  For example, one criticism I can recall was ‘But pupils need to learn more than this!’ at a time that precisely no-one had claimed otherwise, and most had expressed how they were using knowledge organisers as a tool to develop schema forming (e.g. through self-quizzing key factual knowledge outside of lesson time, so the teacher could focus on fleshing out further knowledge, relationships, interpretations etc. during lessons.)

This is unfortunate, because it is possible to levy real criticism at knowledge organisers.

Another way of putting it would be to question whether…

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