Workload: solutions part II – why do systems in schools fail?

Bunsen Blue

Systems in schools often fail for two reasons. Firstly, the workload-to-impact ratio is unfavourable. Secondly, the culture in the school hasn’t united staff to pick fruits from trees growing in the same philosophical soil. Both of these contribute to an increased workload that can be diminished; the second and third of my three Cs of eliminating workload are cut and culture respectively. (The first c is centralising curriculum resources and detentions.)

Cut anything that has a low impact:high workload ratio

All leaders must ask themselves two questions before they roll out a new initiative/system, or when evaluating a current one:

  1. How much impact will this have on pupil progress?
  2. How much will this affect my staff in terms of workload?

On balance, the evaluation should be favoured if the workload-to-impact ratio is desirable.

As a scientist, I feel compelled to zoom in on the word ratio here. Some tasks have both…

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