Jo Boaler is wrong about maths facts and timed tests

The Quirky Teacher

This is a blog post about how Jo Boaler is wrong when she asserts that learning maths facts off by heart and times tests are detrimental to children’s well-being and mathematical ability. I’ve actually taken the time to read pretty much every piece of research she has linked to in her article and it’s been an interesting reading journey, not least because some of the research she cites actually supports learning of maths facts and timed practice (and I, too, promote learning maths facts off by heart and the use of timed tests). To help me get my head around what she’s saying (by considering the possibility that I am wrong and she is right), I’ve summarised the entire article and analysed each part:

  1. The new UK curriculum requirement for children to learn times tables off by heart will lead to children being scared of and then turn away…

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