I’m not in favour of banning words

Filling the pail

If you go through my blog, you will find that I don’t use the terms ‘traditional’ or ‘progressive’ a huge amount. However, I don’t fight shy of them either. I tend to use the most accurate words that I can find to convey my meaning and sometimes these are those words.

I draw criticism for this. One party is busy trying to prove that traditional and progressive education don’t exist and this is the basis of their complaint. A different group, who I generally agree with, think the terms are somehow harmful to my arguments.

Virtue and Vice

Apparently, right-thinking, left-of-centre people think that progressive things are good and traditional things are bad. If this is the case then they are operating under a fallacy. These terms are simply descriptions and connote no virtue or vice in of themselves. We have to look at other evidence to draw conclusions of…

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