Why I continue to take part in and promote The Debate

The Quirky Teacher

This is another riposte to the ‘Oh the trad/prog thing isn’t even real; it’s all about teaching methods that work’ type tweets that keep flashing up whenever I open the twitter app on my phone. Here are some of the reasons why I refuse to cower in submission:

  1. I believe the trad-prog divide is real and that people need to properly understand it in order to take part

One of the most alarming ‘truths’ that goes around is that being trad or prog is all about teaching methods and this is why I continuously refer to this handy guide (I just like the table format) because whether you’re trad or prog comes down to philosophy of education – you cannot be in the middle or ‘both’ at the same time because the purposes are completely different and pretty much mutually exclusive. I really am quite astounded that people with BEds…

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