The Pervasive Power of Literature

Curriculum Team Leader

My wife’s friends, many of whom did science degrees, often ask me in hushed reverential tones, When you read a book or a poem do you see all those techniques and do all that analysis in your head?  Yes, I reply impressively.  Yes I do.  They often don’t equate that ability with their, in my opinion, far superior ability to look at the human body and understand its intricacies and workings.

The benefit of being an English teacher is that your subject is held on such a pedestal that no one ever questions its purpose or place on the curriculum.  Did I say benefit?  I meant curse.  More concerning than non-specialist colleagues unquestioningly accepting the importance of the subject is the fact that subject specialists themselves seem to be confused as to what the reason for the subject is.  Out of this confusion, or because of it, we get strange…

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