The eduhackers – a select subgroup of lifehackers?

The Quirky Teacher

I am a big-time fan of the whole lifehacking scene right now. If you’re not aware of this movement it’s because you probably think that the current zeitgeist is all about hipsters and eating avocado-based food off of roof tiles. Lifehackers don’t have a uniform look nor do they don’t congregate or hang out in particular places, but they do recognise each other because they all believe in making themselves better people and having better, happier lives as a result – there are certain tell tale signs that are instantly recognisable such as:

  • Dabbling in the paleo diet – reduces inflammation and improves clarity of mind through bouts of ketosis (which is different from ketoacidosis – get your biochemistry knowledge right, people!)
  • Doing HIIT instead of hours of running – better for reducing fat, looking good and improving general health markers including mental health
  • Deliberate attempts to break bad habits…

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