You cannot ask a question if you don’t have the right words

The Quirky Teacher

I’m seeing lots of the ‘What’s the point of teaching knowledge, why bother filling their heads up with lots of facts and surely it’s better to be helping children to develop curiosity and ability to ask questions anyway?’ type comments and articles floating about the edu-net at the moment.

To those people, aside from pulling a face, I have one great example that should hopefully highlight how silly it is to think that we should only teach ‘skills’ like ‘questioning’ over and above good-quality knowledge (and the vocab to go with it):

Car showrooms.

worldsworstcar ‘Slight dent at the front’ ‘I’ll take it!’

This morning, I’m off to look at a Japanese import MPV or two and I’ve already done my homework. Here are some of my questions that I have prepped:

  1. Are there later models on route through the import scheme that include 2.4l engine rather than 3.0 V6?
  2. What…

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