King Tut had a very big butt

Filling the pail

Today was the penultimate day of term. We’re all a little tired in our house so we decided to go out to the Buninyong pub for dinner. We took activities with us for the girls to complete. At this age, they tend to like a pen and paper so they can write or draw.

Unprompted, our youngest daughter who is in Grade 1 wrote ‘Tutankhamun’ and ‘Howard Carter’ on her piece of paper. So I thought I would contribute.

“I know about these guys,” I said. “King Tut had a very big butt and Howard Carter was a stinky farter.”

“Daddy!” My daughter exclaimed, disapprovingly, “That’s not what we were taught.”

She went on to outline how Howard Carter had discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922 and described the number of doors he had to get through. She then explained that Tutankhamun’s father had moved the Egyptian capital and made everyone…

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