The Future is going to involve a lot of maths

The Quirky Teacher

I’ll begin by quoting myself. If a national crisis/apocalypse occurs, the Prime Minister is not going to pick up the phone and call a dancer or a poet; he’s going to call someone who is damn good at maths. Why a maths person? Maths people are special: they are rational, logical, calm, direct, love a quandary and do not clutter their brains with bandwidth-wasting concerns about fashion, frouff* or celebrity gossip. When I say ‘Maths people’, I include all the coders, hackers, number-crunchers, quants, techies, CFOs, scientists, engineers, actually I don’t know how to end this list so you’ll just have to get the general drift of the people-Venn I’m trying to construct here. This blog post is about how I think maths people need to pipe up and promote their subject’s central importance in every child’s education not least because maths and maths people will probably save the world…

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