Are you confident in the quality of Ofsted inspectors?

The summer term is a time for public examinations, sports days, and self-evaluation. Teachers and senior leaders across the country are evaluating their progress and plotting out a better future for their students. But as the evening sun of the academic year shines, so a long shadow is cast. And lurking in this shadow, deep in the collective unconscious of the education community, is the amorphous figure of the Ofsted inspector. Some teachers speak publicly about the Ofsted inspector, invoking the ‘O’ word like an amulet to ward off harm. Other suspiciously avoid mentioning the word, believing its recitation can be a summons. Others still profess to have no fear or respect of the supposed powers of Ofsted. But their voices ring hollow, and are rarely heeded by the cautious.

Source: Are you confident in the quality of Ofsted inspectors?


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