Explicit Memorisation

No Easy Answers

Recently I’ve learned a poem by heart for the first time ever. I found it a hugely enjoyable thing to do, and also quite difficult. This now becomes part of my crystallised knowledge.

It is only recently that I’ve become aware that intelligence is thought of in two ways: fluid and crystallised. Nick Rose’s article Are these the 7 Pillars of Classroom Practice? put me on to Schooling Makes you Smarter by Richard E. Nisbett which discusses how IQ actually measures two types of intelligence:

  1. Fluid intelligence: perhaps the ability to solve novel problems using one’s working memory; and
  2. Crystallised intelligence: one’s store of knowledge about the world in the long term memory.

David Didau has (obviously) written about this and his blog is as usual essential reading. The second part of that blog puts forward the idea that although it is very difficult to increase one’s fluid intelligence, crystallised intelligence…

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