Coherent curriculum

Creating a coherent curriculum is all the rage now. I mean, everyone’s doing it: youngsters are jiving coherently in the music halls, German monks are writing coherently in the vernacular, and I hear in Rome there’s a coherent coronation of a new emperor. Facetiousness aside, I can understand why, for some, the new clothes do indeed bear a striking resemblance to the emperor’s birthday suit. But I do also see, whether in schools or through the social meedz, a heck of a lot of noise and incoherence, at least in my own, battered subject.

In ever more ridiculous attempts to make subjects more relevant, engaging, fun or, seemingly, bearable, coherent curriculums are thrown overboard, with the tiger remaining hidden beneath the tarpaulin. Little do the captains of these now rudderless ships realise how unnavigable their seas become: the North Star is lost and to Bermuda they unwittingly sail. Episodic incoherence…

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