Making the Extraordinary seem Ordinary

Curriculum Team Leader

It feels slightly self-indulgent to write about Michaela. Look where I’ve been, I shout at you through this blog post. Aren’t I lucky? But visiting schools, talking to teachers and asking questions seems to be some of the best CPD I’ve received recently and this visit was no different. Actually, it was different. I feel this strange tension in speaking to others about Michaela or writing about it now. There’s a sense in which it is just a brilliant school and seen in this sense, the controversy surrounding it seems a bit silly. Equally, it’s probably not helpful turning Michaela into a messianic destination for pilgrimage because it makes the environment they’ve created seem unattainable. The beauty of any brilliant school is in making extraordinary acts and events seem ordinary or everyday. When I say extraordinary, I mean anything that seems to go beyond the normal in schools and, of…

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