PBL: Problem vs Project Based Learning –another distraction

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In an Edutopia article  the difference between the two PBL’s: Project- and Problem-Based Learning was addressed. It included a nice definitional list of what is involved in Problem-Based Learning:

Problem-based learning typically follow prescribed steps:

  1. Presentation of an “ill-structured” (open-ended, “messy”) problem

  2. Problem definition or formulation (the problem statement)

  3. Generation of a “knowledge inventory” (a list of “what we know about the problem” and “what we need to know”)

  4. Generation of possible solutions

  5. Formulation of learning issues for self-directed and coached learning

  6. Sharing of findings and solutions

Nothing about this is new. Much has been written about the debate on how best to teach math to students in the K-12grades—a debate often referred to as the “math wars”. I have written much about it myself, and since the debate shows no signs of easing, I continue to have reasons to keep writing about it.

While the debate is complex, the following two…

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