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So my secret contact passed this to me in a brown envelope in an undisclosed location that certainly wasn’t a McDonald’s on the high street and I certainly did not get ketchup and nugget grease all over it before passing it on to the good people at http://www.teachsecondary.com or anything like that.

043 (1)Predicted Grades Moderation Meeting

Present: (Eng Dept Teaching Staff) AF, CC, KC and ST (the trainee lad who looks all of 12.)

(Senior Leadership Team) JN

(Admin Staff) BS

Apologies from: No bugger. It’s full attendance. The fact that JN’s here is merely coincidence says I.

Meeting held in: Boardroom One as a member of the senior leadership team is present and the Eng dept classrooms are a bit of a trek downstairs.


Input of predicted grades for KS4 into new ‘Perseverance’ admin system tool

KC opened the meeting by stating, in no uncertain terms, that…

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