Money for Nothing

The Stable Oyster


My mother-in-law keeps receipts and seems to return anything and everything to any and every shop. I’ve never known her to be refused a refund. She has taken back beef to Morrisons after we’ve eaten it – ‘it was too sinewy’. A coat was returned to TXMaxx Cribbs Causeway because she found it 50p cheaper in TKMaxx Weston-super-Mare. Some 19p onions went back to Lidl – I can’t remember why. Curtains were packed up and taken back to Dunelm after hanging them, as too much light came in through the eyelets. She took some printer cartridges back to Tesco because she thought they should have lasted longer. Her best achievement was getting a free packet of seeds because the original packet grew flowers that didn’t look like the ones in the picture; the leaves were much bigger than the representation. The original packet had been a free gift.

I love…

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