The problem with problems

The Quirky Teacher

The problem with problems is that if you’re only looking for problems, then, surprise surprise, you’ll only find problems. Adopting ‘problem seeking and solving’ mode most of the time would make you miserable, don’t you think? Sometimes, people get so deep into problem solving that they end up seeing problems where there are none. Given this situation, is it worth considering how school policies, ethos, protocols etc might drive everyone into a relentless ‘problem solving’ mode such that everyone ends up really miserable? In case you’re starting to feel a bit confused, take the everyday responsibility of primary teachers to monitor friendships and social interactions of children both in the classroom and in the playground: you’ve got to adopt ‘problem finding’ mode for the entire duration of break duty and through your lessons. Further, in terms of resource allocation, this means that the majority of decisions and allocations of resources…

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